Quicksilver Down

After dilly-dallying on it for over a year, I polished off the last of Quicksilver today.  I had read the first 300 pages back around the time when it came out, but between moving back to NJ and all kinds of other stuff I got distracted.  A few months ago I made it through another 200 pages before being distracted again…  I started reading it on my first flight down to Texas two weeks ago and read the remaining 400ish pages since then.  Now I am charged to move on to book two in the series, The Confusion.  Baby steps into the Baroque Cycle.

This weekend was lots of fun, and I went to Gib’s place on Saturday to watch “the big game”.  I got way into it, as you probably guessed from my pro-baseball posting from a few weeks ago..  I know this is just home-team excitement, but the initial spark came from when I went to that game back in August (well before the Playoffs were a sure thing).  I guess maybe I will catch up with , , and tomorrow and watch Game 3 after work.

Work…  Before my trip last week a ton of work was dumped on us, all due Nov. 1.  We were told the deadline was being pushed back, and the fact that Garrett, Steve, and I were all being sent out of the office for a week wouldn’t matter.  Now, when we return today, we find out that the deadline is still Nov. 1.  Scrambling ensues.

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