I stared an entry in the CSH Wiki for Fucked Up Movie Night..  People might be surprised to find out that The Committee actually kept records of what it has shown..  I decided to make these records public on the Wiki (of course, by “public” I mean “available only to CSH members until the Wiki is made public”).

I wanted to get this down before I forgot, so it is a little rough…  It needs IMDB links for all the movies, as well as some polish…  I’d like to see all the dates (or at least the quarter/year) for each of the 13 FUMNs, but that will require alot of segfault digging.

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  1. I added the dates of all the ones since I’ve been around. The problem with segfault is that no one ever wrote a review after the fact listing the movies shown, so it’s going to be a pain to match them all up. Someone’s going to have to go through segfault backwards one at a time and figure out what was when.

    1. Well, this issue announces the second FUMN. The first was “some time” before that.

      The rub is, I could have sworn that the first FUMN was in april, so that means that it was either April 98, which I don’t believe, or it was some other time in the 98-99 schoolyear….

      Perhaps if I dig through my email archives…

      I also will have quite a bit of that info in this journal, which I started up in the summer of 2000.

      1. I would have sooner guess that the first FUMN was in the Fall of the 98-99 school year…and then the second was April 1999 (ie. Winter 98-99).

        Wasn’t Frankenhooker shown when we were in Gibson? I seem to recall that. Gibson was Fall 99.

        Is there a reason why there are 2 FUMN #5?

  2. Thanks for doing this. It’s great to see all the past movies so I can catch up on everything that I have missed. Although, I was a little disturbed by how many past movies were already in my Netflix queue when I was going through them adding imdb links.

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