Random Musings

Recently, during a visit by , I decided to open up my 802.11b AP to the world…  I changed the SSID to “dontbegreedy” and now broadcast that SSID, and I turned off any kind of encryption.  I guess this is sort of a philanthropic experiment, my machines are pretty secure and I figure I used to get annoyed back before and I got the cable modem and “borrowed” wireless from our neighbors who eventually shut us out…  I figure that the bandwidth I need is minimal 99.9 percent of the time, and most of the day the cable modem is sitting there unused.  So hopefully this experiment goes well, people in my building know how to share, and I don’t have to lock it back down again.

While in Texas, I think it was my last day there, I had a vivid dream that gave me a fantastic idea for a short story..  It wasn’t the full story, just a little nugget that I can base a short around…  We’ll see how it goes, and when I get around to developing it, but once I do I will post it here for criticism.

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    1. It’s been a long while since I’ve done any fiction (possibly before RIT)… An outline now exists, but it will probably take me awhile to get my literary bearings again…

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