Leaving Las Dallas

I dislike Dallas. If you can believe it, the roads here are worse
than Boston, and that’s with the Big Dig. We didn’t actually do
any work here until Thursday, the team we were integrating with simply
wasn’t ready for us… Some of their hardware died in shipping and they
hadn’t set any of it up when we got there on Tuesday. So we hung
out waiting most of the week.

Garrett and I saw “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow” this week,
and my opinion echoes most I’ve heard: It’s amazing they shot the whole
film on blue screens, but the film wasn’t very engaging… Last night,
before bed, we played a little Hold’Em tourney (Gar, myself, and the two
guys from Raytheon). I successively busted each person (Starting with
the Raytheon guys first, then taking out Gar) and won $60. I love

Time for a nice, shitty flight to Boston via Chicago….

8 thoughts on “Leaving Las Dallas

  1. Were you actually at a Raytheon site (McKinney/Garland/…?), or another site?

    When I was down for a class in Dallas at IBM, Raytheon put me up at a hotel on the opposite side of town. Commuting down I-635 every day was nasty.

          1. Sorry…apparently my joke detector is off today.

            Also, really hate when people (other than my husband or my mistress) call me hon, honey, sweetie, or anything else demeaning like that…so may have been busy cringing.

            Hahah….there was a joke there.

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