Knee Deep in the Dead

I beat Doom3 last night, what a great game…  I am tempted to play through it all the way again on Nightmare difficulty (I beat it the first time one notch down, because you have to beat the game once to unlock nightmare)…  It was a lot of fun, even if it was “just another” shooter.

I have been playing with Eclipse 3.0 this afternoon, and am really impressed.  The RIT SE co-ops we have at work are all IDE using weenies, but I have had my eye on Eclipse for awhile now because it seems like a great environment.  My one big stumbling block has been the lack of a Vi editing mode..  There was a plug in I had tried a few months ago, viPlugin, but it was totally immature.  But today I looked at it again and it has just about every Vi feature I can think of that I use regularly…  I purchased a license for the plug in (15 euros), which I wasn’t terribly keen on doing, but I have a feeling that being able to use Eclipse’s debugger alone will make it worth it.

5 thoughts on “Knee Deep in the Dead

  1. We use Eclipse 3.0 exclusively at work and other than a slightly awkward CVS integration and some dislikes about how it handles projects I love it. The way I look at IDEs these days is pick your poison; I’ve never found one that doesn’t have a least a few annoyances.

    1. I have always been very fond of Visual Studio, it is one of the few Microsoft apps that I take little issue with… But I had the same Vi problem with VS as I did with Eclipse. The VisVim plugin for VS handled half of it, but you couldn’t use Vim to set breakpoints, etc.

      I don’t think there is a perfect IDE… I think you will perpetually have to make compromises (until you make your own)… I think Eclipse and Visual Studio both do a good job of covering the bases well, even if they both pull some bullshit.

    2. Have you tried Codewright? It has a vi mode, though I don’t know if it does the extra crazy stuff. We can use either it or Visual Studio at work, and I much prefer it.

  2. Was doom 3 any different on Nightmare? I mean, besides all the extra monsters and bad guys. Was there a different ending or anything?
    I just bought it yesterday and am already in Hell. I agree. It’s just another Shooter.

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