Yesterday was fairly straightforward… I got home from work, which was somewhat boring, and did 3 loads of laundry, which was somewhat boring. and I had Indian food delivered (I got Chicken Vindaloo and Garlic Naan, yummy). I got a call from who is coming in today for an interview, and he was stuck at the airport due to being such a young’in. He took a cab to our apartment, we got him some food over at Pizzanini, and then I drove him to the hotel he was staying at in Chelmsford. I think he will be in good shape for his interview today, I don’t think anyone will beat him up too much, and he’s a smart kid, so hopefully if he wants to work here he can.

Tonight Corinna and I are going to the aforementioned baseball game… Am I allowed to bring a camera? If so, perhaps I will take some pictures.

2 thoughts on “Anachronistic

  1. Yes, you should definitely be allowed to bring a camera in and take pictures.

    (At least, you can at all of our sporting events at The Palace.)

  2. Take a camera for sure!

    Tommorrow night I will be attending my first ever Major League Baseball game. Baltimore Orioles vs. Oakland A’s :)

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