10 thoughts on “Gallery Update

  1. I knew it

    In the picture of Buster and myself, it is blatantly obvious how much smaller my right eye is than my left, an affliction which most people tell me I am crazy for thinking I have.

    Haha to all who doubted me.

      1. good morning

        Oh jeez

        just the usual, work, school (grad school), andvarious band stuff… you know the drill.. did you ever manage to get a hold of Mister James?I havent heard from him in a while… so, whats been going on with you lately? I added you as friend on this gay thing, so you had better add me back..

        1. Re: good morning

          I talked to James on the phone a month or two ago, actually I think it was just after the Boston Skinny Puppy show… He seems to be doing well, he was out in vegas a few months ago at some Indie Film Fest because someone used a bunch of his music in a film.

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