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Goodrich SRS is having a jobfair tonight (and last night), and I am on the hook to do interviews tonight from 5-8pm. Actually, these are less interviews and more prescreenings, but still, I love meeting all kinds of people, so this should be fun (like how I found intro sheet time at CSH fun). I am spending some time this morning getting myself acquainted with all of the open job reqs we have so I know what we are looking for tonight. Should be fun.

Yesterday, at work, I added some cool debugging code to my project.. It will now spit out a bunch of datapoints to a file that I can bring up in GNUPlot and check to make sure the datapoints in my datafiles “make sense” in real life. I pulled in Steve to help me with some debugging last friday, and this same task took us an hour to mine the data out of my application and input all the formulae into Mathcad to graph it up. Now I can do the same thing in under a minute, plus I don’t have to learn Mathcad… :)

I installed Windows XP Service Pack 2 last night. I had originally planned on waiting until hearing some feedback from those installing it, worried about another MS Service Pack that breaks everything, but then I reconsidered. I figured, this machine, which I just built a few days ago, is about as clean as it’s going to get, so even if the SP completely breaks the machine, it will be an easy enough reinstall to get it back to where I was before I started. Fortunately, it didn’t seem to break anything, and the security improvements alone should make it worthwhile. I still maintain that XP is the least shitty version of Windows to date, even if it is bloated up.

7 thoughts on “Jobbie Job

  1. “If you were a color, what color would you be and why?”

    “No, I’m serious, you can tell a lot about a person this way.”


    1. Why do you think you’re so smart?

      I think this could make for some interesting answers, and I don’t suppose you are hiring network/security/systems admins :)

  2. I installed XP SP2 on my work PC and both of the machines here at home (one Home, one Professional). No issues to report yet.

    How hard do you work your sysadmins there? :)

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