Dear Journal: I suck

I have just been neglecting my journal completely of late… Here’s the past week in a nutshell, I sucked at poker on Tuesday, and paid the price for it. I slept like crap Tuesday night and on Wednesday when I woke up to take a shower, there was no hot water. This combined with the fact I was a zombie persuaded me to employ some Intermittent Absence as a mental health day. All of the hoopla regarding how the DNC was going to disrupt Boston was complete nonsense, other than some surprise midnight fireworks that scared the shit out of me (thinking they were bombs for the first minute or two).

I caught Bourne Supremacy and The Village this weekend… Bourne was great, and I don’t see what everyone was saying about the lack of steadycam.. Sure it was shaky, but it wasn’t a big deal. The Village was fucking stupid.

I’ll try not to suck so badly this week.

5 thoughts on “Dear Journal: I suck

  1. I guess I just thought it was a bit overdone at some parts, and I found myself having to take my focus off of the screen some parts for fear of getting sick.

  2. Yeah, the village was lame. I went with my girlfriend (who liked “scary” movies). The only thing that would have saved the movie is if it had turned out to be some “Truman Show”-type reality thing. That would have been ammusing.

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