Slashdot on….

Regarding SETI’s prediction that we will be able to find ETs by 2020:

…we’ll intercept their communications, and then some alien lawyers will serve earth with a big-ass lawsuit, for illegally downloading bootleg copies of “Frobzug and the Gleems.” This will be a huge cosmic joke, because Frobzug and the Gleems are like, so totally ten million years ago, and anyway you can pick their albums up in the ten-blork bins. Part of the agreement will be that we agree to “uninstall” our illegal SETI programs, and promise to never download illegal communications again. The Sub-Etha net community will, of course, be outraged that the [unpronouncable high-pitched wheezing noise] industry is picking on a planet that’s only 4.5 billion years old.

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