It’s been awhile since I’ve gone on a real book buying binge, but took careful steps to rectify this situation last week when he sent mail to a whole bunch of people recommending two books on breadmaking. I have always wanted to master bread, but out of the 4 times I have tried 3 could clearly be marked as failures. I regard Pat as a pretty smart fella, so his recommendation goes pretty far. And while I was buying books I figured I might as well toss in a few more books for good measure.

I’ve been looking forward to the Wil Wheaton book ever since I bought and read his first book, Dancing Barefoot. And I have been “meaning to buy” the Stroustrup book for eons, since before RIT even, but have never gotten around to it. My recent flood of C++ at work gave me the kick in the ass necessary to get it, especially now that things like STL, namespaces, and RTTL (which Mozilla always advised against using due to lame compiler support) are fairly solid in most compiliers (which means it’s time to learn what I need to know about them).

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