Most ill

I came into work yesterday but left after 6 hours because I was supremely congested… I slept for a few hours when I got home, and sat like a blob on the couch while cooked me a delicious meal. I slept like a baby last night, and am feeling better today, although I am still a little sniffley and congested, but I should be able to think today.

An administrative note: I decided that since all my address is used for lately seems to be spam to relegate it to the lower levels of my attention. So any mail sent to that address will be dumped in my Gmail account, which seems to handle spam better than Spamassassin (or, at least, SA on the CSH systems, which due to endianness issues (I gather) doesn’t do Bayesian filtering). The short version of this is that I check Gmail less frequently, so if you really want me to see something immediately, my CSH address or my address is the way to go. I may begin phasing out my address but that would happen over the course of a few years (because I am paranoid of losing contact with someone).

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