First off, before I forget again, my “cousin” Dave mailed me telling me about this product, which seems to fulfill what I was looking for in this post. Still a bit pricey, and I think I’d like it more if it held more than two drives, but still, moving in the right direction.

The trip back to Boston was pretty uneventful yesterday…. We hit some traffic crossing the Tappan Zee because there was a broken down vehicle in the slow lane, but other than that, and a bit of congestion when we first crossed the MA border, things were pretty straightforward. We listened to the audiobook of Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris. I had heard the book was funny for awhile, and planned on reading it, but to be honest, since it was read by the author and was a collection of anecdotes and short stories from his life, I believe the audiobook was a better choice…

2 thoughts on “Nice

  1. Have you read his book Naked? I wasn’t too impressed with that one, past the first couple of chapters/stories, so was wondering how it compared with this one.

    1. Nope, I haven’t read Naked, but I will probably listen to it in the future… Some of the stories in “Me Talk Pretty” were duds, but for the most part they were entertaining…

      Again, it was really nice having it read by the author, so perhaps the delivery helped my reception.

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