I don’t think I am going to go anymore

Thursday night and I came down to NJ to hang with my fam for the holidays… We made really good time on the way down and just pretty much hung out once we got here. Friday was spent lazing around until the Firework Extravaganza on the lake… I did get my hair cut finally. Friday night was awesome, watching the town fireworks off the boat is just such a fun time… We had 11 people on the Party Barge Regency Edition, and we all had a blast. And boy, did I get drunk.

Yesterday we just kinda hung out for awhile until around 1pm, and then Corinna joined Dad, Johnny, Chuck, and myself for the Stellafane “Planning Session” on the boat (which really means we were looking for an excuse to get out on the boat). We grabbed lunch on the lake from this pizzeria which wasn’t good but wasn’t awful… We just dropped anchor in Byram Bay and chatted and swam and chilled… It was a great time. Then at night Corinna, Dad, and I went to see Fahrenheit 9/11 (He hadn’t seen it). A packed show, even in a pretty rural part of NJ, and everyone seemed to appreciate it.

Today I’ve just been chilling out, we took Buster for a run up at the Civic Center earlier, his first leash-less romp out in the wilderness. He behaved fine and had a great time. I think tonight we will watch The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra on DVD.

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