A bunch of things have happened since Wednesday, although I doubt any of you will find them interesting. Friday night, after work, i went to the dentist to have two ultra-small cavities filled. I didn’t even take any Novocaine, that’s how small they were (not that Novocaine dulls my pain at the dentist, I have been known to still feel much pain after 5-6 novocaine shots; I have been thinking about skipping even at the next serious cavity filling.) He also took some X-rays which show another cavity, so I have to go back again in a month or so to get that patched up too… Neverending cavalcade of dental torture.

Friday was also the 4th Anniversary of my LiveJournal. That’s right, 4 years of meaningless posts like this one.

Saturday just mostly hung around, I’ve been… Not down, but uninspired to do ANYTHING lately… It’s only been the past week, so hopefully it will pass. Corinna made some awesome food last night, so that definitely improved my mood. :)

Tonight we are going to see Fahrenheit 9/11 with the film club. Should be an interesting time!

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  1. novocaine never seemed to affect me either. but for my last cavity i got laughing gas and it was fantastic. i literally felt nothing.

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