I love food

After work, I met up with and her friend Sara (who was in town for a Slow Food tasting/fundraiser event) at the apartment. After chillin’ for awhile we headed over to BU for the actual event, which was awesome. There were like 11 restaurants and vineyards represented there, and while Corinna was there to taste wine, I was there to taste food. I had some fantastic aged beef from Grill 23, as well as a lovely roulade from Caffe Umbra.. There was plenty of other fantastic food, but it’s too much for me to recount it all. :) After the tasting we dropped Sara off at South Station to catch her train.

After we got back, Corinna went to bed and I installed the CacheCard in my TiVo. I had some trouble getting it seated, but once I did it worked like a champ. The TiVo takes about 3x longer to start (it has to copy the entire 512MB database onto the DIMM), but once it is up and running it screams. The “Now Playing” menu, which used to take 5 seconds or so to appear (due to the increased program capacity afforded by my second HD in there) now appears in “no time” (not long enough to really count). I also rearranged a season pass, and while it still took a significant amount of time, it was MUCH less than before. I don’t have any actual benchmarks, so you are just going to have to trust me when I say it’s faster. Note to : Send me your stupid address already! I have mailed your CSH address several times asking for it and haven’t heard anything back.

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