Eye Q Optical had the same frames I had in a different color, so I now have Black and Blue frames (as opposed to Brown and Green). They gave me a discount on the replacement too and had them ready in like 30 minutes. Hopefully this pair doesn’t break again, but who knows… After getting the glasses we went to the Fenway 13 theatre to see Dodgeball, which I really liked. Everyone at the club seemed to agree that we are growing tired of Ben Stiller’s schtick though. Vince Vaughn was really funny, and there were some great gags in it. In addition, I wholeheartedly welcome the return of Jason Bateman to the screen.

I got a Gmail account over the weekend, seems pretty cool, although I’m not a big webmail user. And grahams was taken as a username, so I had to pick something else, which sucks.

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  1. Sometimes the conversation detection gets a little confused with services like Livejounal where several separate threads can come from the same address. Gmail could definitely stand to have an IMAP gateway that maps labels to virtual IMAP folders IMHO. I believe this is something they are thinking about offering in the future.

  2. a gmail invite? man, you geeks have all the luck. I just had to grab a webmail account this weekend ’cause my ex kept writing to me at my old paid account. I had checked into the google thing, thinking it was widely available already, but noooooo…… :P

    maybe the google gods will drop in on ryan soon. I don’t think he’d protest if I called him a geek :)

    1. Well, I got invited by a friend… I will get some invite codes after I’ve been using it for awhile… I will add you to the (short) list of people wanting codes from me. :)

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