Gallery Security Hole

Thanks to a serious security hole, I have taken down my photo album until I have a chance to upgrade my installation of Gallery. It should return to working order in a few days (It should be a brainless upgrade but I need shell access, which I don’t have here at work, and since I have plans tonight it might take a few days). Those of you running Gallery should also upgrade.

Mucho thanks to for the heads up!

6 thoughts on “Gallery Security Hole

  1. chmod’ing your albums directory to 777 on fury is a pretty big vulnerability also :P

    there’s nothing preventing anyone on fury from deleting _anyones_ photos. oh well.

    1. Whatever… That doesn’t bother me so much. If one of you fuckers is that untrustworthy, then I have other things to worry about… But letting some random schmoe run hog wild over my photos is a different story.

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