Holy Crap

My family adopted a new dog yesterday, and boy is it damn cute. It doesn’t have a name yet; nobody seemed to be interested in my suggestion: Twisp.

Foxwoods was alot of fun yesterday, but I only made 9 bucks… I would have liked to stay longer, but Garrett and Lund weren’t as serious about Poker as , , and I are… :) Today is Life of Brian with the Sunday Night Film Club, should be a hoot.

4 thoughts on “Holy Crap

  1. puppy

    The “little man” has been named…regrets to his pal Sean, but none of us could see our way to yelling out the door for our “TWISP”…let alone be able to say iT!!! And so, we have settled on “Buster”….which seems to suit him….he is reportedly, a combination of Labrador Retriever and Rotweiler….most folks that see him say, “Wow, he’s gonna be really big huh”??? Please, Dad voted for a small to medium, short haired dog….this was only meets the short hair part!!! I think he’s gonna have wuite the “presence”…as it is, everytime Michael gets up from his end of the couch, Buster assumes his place…it’s pretty funny to watch, but not when we are trying to train him…Can’t wait for you and Corinna to see him…the things we’ll do to spend time with you guys huh??? What the hell, I have no pride…hurry on down!!!

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