Well, aren’t I a huge slacker

I haven’t updated in a week, and I don’t really have any excuse for that whatsoever.

This weekend I went back to NJ (and ultimately PA) for ‘s graduation. I drove down Friday night, stayed overnight, then drove to PA for the day. I drove back to NJ Saturday night and back to Boston on Sunday…. Quite a bit of driving, but worth it to spend time with my family. I also got to see and a subset of the Shaw clan (who I haven’t seen in over 8 years). Aimee’s graduation was pretty typical, although the speaker was the CEO of PBS who gave some corporate shill speech about how downloading was bad and how we needed to be selective in our media consumption. She even threw in a little beg-a-thon action. It was awful.

I also got to see the new kitchen, finally… It’s so awesome, I wish it was there when I was living there (queue mom telling me I can always move back). ‘s graduation is in a few weeks, but on a Wednesday, which sucks… It was the same way last time (for her Bachelors), so I feel like I am perpetually missing her graduations… Although I think I went to her Associate’s graduation, though.

Last night the movie club caught Super Size Me, which was fantastic, although I really felt like a fatass after watching it. I don’t think I am going to be eating as much fast food anymore.

5 thoughts on “Well, aren’t I a huge slacker

  1. That speech sounds like it would have been much cooler if she gave everyone a free tote bag or mug. The Public Broadcasting Service will not be televised.

    1. Re: You are mistaken

      Hmmm… I remember attending two CCM graduations, mom’s and someone else’s… Maybe it was , although I didn’t think he actually went… Perhaps I am just mental. :)

  2. I knew there was a way to “get you back”!! Who would have thought such nefarious, underhanded shenanigans like redoing the freakin’ hole of a kitchen could be the means!! But, being the cool mom I am…I will take whatever works and call myself lucky!! So!!! When you coming back??? Miss you!!

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