Strategies Against Architecture

I was privliged to see Einsturzende Neubauten at the Paradise Rock Club last night. Adam had an extra ticket for the show and told me about it a few weeks ago, I hadn’t even heard about it… Man was the show incredible.. No opening act, and EN played for about 3 hours… It is one thing to listen to their recordings, but to see them create this music live, it’s mindboggling.. The creativity in their constructed instruments, and the pure beauty they wring out of objects normally not associated with things musical…. It was truly awe-inspiring…. And Blixa mentioned that this tour might be the last time they can play the states, as the record industry as well as Clear Channel, combined with the weakness of the dollar compared to the Euro is making it really tough for them to be able to afford to play here..

I sponsored the band in 2003, and for that I got a beautiful “supporters’ CD”, which came in great packaging with a real nice poster. I hadn’t sponsored them for 2004, but now that I have a job perhaps I will in a few paychecks…

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