Five Years

My throat really isn’t sore anymore but my head is now a solid block of snot. On to actual journal-y type stuff:

After work yesterday I drove straight to Cambridge to meet up with Adam and Rory at their apartment. We waited around for awhile until Flip showed up. He was in town for an IEEE conference (that I probably should have heard about/gone to) and wanted to get together with some CSHers. We took him to Bartley’s for the finest burger ever crafted in a restaurant, and explained to him that in Massachusetts a Milkshake is called a Frappe. Rory was illin’ (read: being a big pussy) so he didn’t come along. But afterwards all of us went to Herrell’s in Harvard Square for some fantastic Ice Cream… We sat in the vault (it’s a reformed bank, so they have tables in the old vault) and just chilled out. It turns out that by coincidence my visit with them was timed with the return to the US of , who was getting in some time after 10pm. So while I wasn’t planning on staying that late, I really needed to hang out until Matt arrived so he could regale us with tales from his month-long trip to New Zealand.

It was really hot (80+) and muggy last night, so we just kind of hung out in A & R’s apartment trying not to move much. Matt arrived a bit after 11pm, and I hung out for like 90 minutes listening to his Xtreme stories…. It makes me want to travel, but I don’t think that is going to happen much this year.

One thought on “Five Years

  1. Bartley’s!!! you have no idea how much I’m missing that place and the shakes!!!

    In Barcelona, if you order a burger, you get it with no bread. Just the piece of meat. I’m yet to find a Bartley’s in Barcelona.

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