My Weekend in Rochester

I left for Rochester with tlund directly from the Burlington Mall, where we grabbed lunch with a bunch of people from work. We cruised to Rochester and arrived around 5:30pm, making pretty good time. The trip went pretty fast, Lund DJ’ing the iPod for the first hour or two and then just playing a bunch of Guns N’ Roses for the last part of the trip. Went directly up to CSH after dropping Lund off at Colony, and just hung out for an hour or two. Assembled the crew to go to the Dinosaur BBQ, and it was Me, Shotty, Tom, and Eric. I amazed the populous with my complete inability to remember people’s names. The Dino was awesome as always, Midgetor and myself split the Big Shot “Dinner for Two”, which was awesome. We then went back to floor for a bit and ultimately to Jordan’s surprise birthday party (but we came in well after the reveal). After an hour or so at the party I was feeling pretty old and tired so I headed back to floor to crash on and dan_lee‘s couch… It isn’t terribly comfortable, but it did the trick without paralyzing me.

Saturday at noon a bunch of us headed to DiBella’s, which was good, but I bungled my order and forgot to ask for Spicy Mustard in place of Yellow Mustard… I would have enjoyed my sandwich much more with the Spicy. Rhubarb and I then broke off to collect the various movies for Fucked Up Movie Night. Back on floor, Jared and Joe came up to hang out and we had a little ad-hoc alumni worship, er, storytelling fiesta. Jared got hungry so we zoomed over to MacGregors to sneak in a meal before FUMN. Ben LePlant joined us and I harassed him about coming to work for Goodrich.

FUMN ruled… We had a Nick’s run after the second movie, which pushed the schedule around and prevented a 5th movie, but it was a “re-run” from 6 years ago anyway, so I left it as the last movie just for that reason. I showed:

  1. Porn Star: The Legend of Ron Jeremy
  2. Citizen Toxie: The Toxic Avenger 4
  3. Capturing the Friedmans
  4. Caligula (Unrated)

All the films seemed to be hits, although people were pretty tired by the time we got to the last one… It ended at 5am which is why I decided to call it quits before the 5th film.

The trip back was pretty good, without hitting any real traffic or anything on the way back… Kill Bill Vol. 2 was great, some people felt that it wasn’t as good as the first, but I think I at least liked it equally, if not a little more.

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