For those who haven’t been paying attention to CSH news, this Saturday is the latest installment in the glorious FUMN series. Showtime is 8pm, so make sure you are there.

I am planning on attempting the Rochester hat-trick (Nick’s, Dibella’s, Dinosaur BBQ) when I am there, so if you are interested let me know… I am leaving Boston for Rochester around noon on Friday, so I should be arriving around dinner time.. I will either be hitting the Dino on Friday or Saturday night, Dibella’s for lunch on Saturday, and Nick’s late night on Friday (post 10pm). If I end up going to the Dino on Saturday, it will be a pretty early trip (4pm) just so we aren’t late for FUMN (Saturday’s can be pretty hectic at the Dino).

I will be rushing back to Boston Sunday morning to make it back in time for Kill Bill Vol. 2 at 7pm with the SNFC, so I won’t really have any time to hang out on Sunday.

19 thoughts on “FUMN

    1. oh man, I forget, what did “luke it” mean? Is that when you say you are going to Nicks, and people wait around for you, and then you say you can’t go, but then go to fucking Mark’s like a traitor pussy boy?

      1. bill tricked me that night into going to marks… fuck, and i had my first day of work the next day at 8am..

        but last time you were up, ‘lukeing it’ could have meant telling resig what movie you were playing later that night. haha.

  1. I’m really looking forward to Kill Bill Vol. 2 on Friday. It’s a shame I can’t make it up to Rochester for FUMN but I’m just too strapped for cash. Maybe next year if you have another one.

      1. One a quarter sounds like a good idea to me.

        I think it would be neat if the committee timed the one in the fall with Welcome Back.

        I <3 the committee.

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