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I had mentioned a few days ago that I was jockeying 100G of data around the network at home trying to decomission morimoto, my old linux fileserver. The need for a fileserver is diminished when you are the only one using it, and since the electrical situation at ‘s place is less-than-savory I’d rather have less equipment than more. So the filecopy finished sometime last week, and I jockeyed the hard disks around so that all the large disks are in the Macintosh now. For those who don’t know, the G4’s name is carlos, because the machine came from ‘s desk at Rovia and when we moved from the Fenway to Cambridge, he put a sticker on it with his name to clue in the movers. The sticker is still there, and it seemed like a fitting name. Anyway, the main hard disk in that machine is also named carlos. For a few days I had a 18G drive in the machine because I needed OS9 for a small project, and since I hated OS9 so much and it was such a “puny” drive I named that disk melvin, in honor of the second CEO of Rovia who drove the company into the toilet. I removed that drive pretty quickly for some other use.

So the two new drives I threw into the Macintosh are named footgolf and sitchmo, to continue the Rovia theme. While I would like to give everyone in engineering their own drive, I am out of space on the IDE controller…. :)

After all the data finally got copied over, I decided it would be a good time to do a backup of that data. While most of the MP3s were created from the original sources in my collection, it was a complete pain to rip all 400+ of my CDs in the first place, and I’d hate to have to do it again. Not to mention that I also have many albums from eMusic (back when it was cool) which aren’t really backed up at all. So I figured that since there is a DVD-R in the Mac I would put it to good use. Even with the 4.7G capacity of a DVD-R it is still taking me 18 discs to backup the collection. And my DVD-R is being finicky lately, reporting buffer underruns just when starting a disc. I have found that if I put the blank in the machine, put the machine to sleep and wake it a minute or two later it is enough to reset the drive and have it successfully burn a disc. But I am beginning to suspect that the DVD-R drive will need replacement in the near future, which sucks. It seems that there is some electrical nexus in Corinna’s apartment that is killing my equipment. :) Anyway, once I get that backup done I can do incrementals which should ease the pain. I also want to backup the “space partition” (which isn’t a partition anymore), which houses a bunch of video, iso backups of games/applications I own, etc. That will probably be upwards of 10 more discs…

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