I called in sick yesterday… I woke up and had a killer headache and was sore all over… I just kinda blobbed around sleeping and watching TV (catching up on all the programs that accumulated on the TiVo while it was away). By the afternoon I was feeling OK, though, and decided to go to last night’s Fantomas show (since I had already spent the money on the tickets).

I missed the first act, some laptop warrior who goes by the name “end.”, but what I heard was actually pretty good… Made me wish I didn’t miss it. After that was the ever glorious Melt Banana (a.k.a. The should really like this band, band), who I had seen on the Ipecac Geek Show tour with James and Carol last year. You can’t go wrong with Japanese Punk, really. Yasuko (the female lead singer) started up saying, in a very thick Japanese accent “We are Melt Banana from Tokyo, Japan. We hear people in Boston are Wicked Retarded”. This was completely hilarious when processed through the very thick accent.. Anyway, they rocked, and I should buy some of their albums. They tore up the stage for about 30-45 minutes, and then made way for Fantomas.

I had never seen Fantomas live before, through a series of complications and mishaps, but I have been dying to do so because I love their studio albums (and the bootlegs I have accumulated over the years). They were freaking amazing, Dave Lombardo impressed me more than he ever did in Slayer, and Trevor Dunn on bass is a force to be reckoned with… Buzz Osbourne, of the horrible band The Melvins, did a fantastic job too on Guitar, showing that just because a musician is in a shitty band doesn’t mean they are a shitty musician.. Mike Patton was spot on, doing his beatbox-from-another-land routine… Wonderful, wonderful show…

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