When I was working at Sears I remember this time when I was opening the department (Office Center) and the employees were in our usual hour early for opening cleaning the place up, etc. The Office Center was right by the main mall entrance upstairs and the doors were locked to keep the mallwalkers out. All of the sudden there was this lady aggravatedly knocking on the glass doors, and she wouldn’t stop until someone went over to her… She angrily asked why the store wasn’t open yet, and why we were making her waste her day outside… She treated us all like complete shit.

I made this simple statement: “Excuse me, Ms., but are you sure you didn’t set your clock forward instead of back?” (it was in the fall, at the end of Daylight Savings Time). She looked back and forth between Erik and myself, and her watch, blushed, turned around, and walked away without even an apology… I couldn’t help but laugh. I’m sure my laughter didn’t jive with company policy, but whatever… :)

Not to give too much importance to the event, but I can’t believe Cobain killed himself 10 years ago… That really makes me feel old. I dug on Nirvana when Nevermind hit, but never really got into them so much until College… Not sure what changed, but it was probably me.

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