Sacrifice to the Gods of Car Audio

My Squarepusher CD is still stuck in the god-damned CD player. I had that CD for less that 12 hours before my stupid car decided it was dinner. Fortunately I ripped it to MP3, but I wish I had made a copy of it (which was my plan, I don’t have any originals in the car) and the copy was eaten by the car…

My parents are on their way, should be here in about 30 minutes or so… I had started to watch Old School, but I was like 10 minutes into it when they called and said they were 45 minutes away so I will just finish it another time.

5 thoughts on “Sacrifice to the Gods of Car Audio

  1. Car Audio

    If it makes you feel any better my deck died. I was simply driving around K lot and it said “see ya” like when i shut the car off, then lost power. It will still take and give CD’s, but thats all. I reset the microcomputer, nothin doin. I hate car stereos.

  2. Speaking of Squarepusher, what are your preferred albums of his? The first one I bought I enjoyed immensely, but the following two I purchased were (in my taste) mediocre.

    1. My favorite Squarepusher CD is still his first, “Feed Me Weird Things”… But he has so many great CDs, as far as Electronic artists go, he’s one of the most reliable for me…. “Big Loada” is awesome, and I really dig “Go Plastic”, but that one definitely has weaker spots… “Hard Normal Daddy” is fantastic.

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