Wave of Mutilation

Still waiting for my security clearance… They are saying it could be several days or week(s). I have “stuff” to work on here, but it is depleting… I have spent the past week writing docs (SRS‘ mostly) and without any coding… Without tempering my yolks curdle.

6 thoughts on “Wave of Mutilation

  1. Wow! The Pixies…Wave of Mutilation…that brings me back. Will have to pull out old cds tonight. And you know what it means to temper yolks…amazing!

      1. She said you cook for her, but did not indicate the level of expertise. Guess I must have assumed you cook typical guy-type food like Andy. I probably should have picked up on it after your posts about the shows you Tivo’d.

        Can I say that I already like you 100 times better than the frenchman who shall not be named? Thank you for being so great to (and/or for) her.

        1. Whenever I enjoy doing something I like to know everything I can about it… So I really enjoy cooking, so I constantly try to keep that sword sharp… Which is why I like “Good Eats” vs. other cooking shows, because he focuses less on specific dishes or meals and more on mechanics, like what makes a meringue a meringue and the science behind it as opposed to simply teaching people to make a lemon-meringue pie. It’s also why books like “Cookwise” and “On Food and Cooking” rule.

          That said, I don’t cook “real” food as much as I should… I cooked alot more before I lost my job, so now that I am gainfully employed again I will hopefully be able to experiment more…

          As far as the rest of your comment, thanks.. I *do* rule. :)

          1. I do like Good Eats, too. Learned how to do a moist roast chicken a couple of weeks ago. Used to watch Food Network a lot more often, but discovered that amount watched was directly proportional to amount eaten, and had to cut back.

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