Caving in

Last night I scheduled an installation appointment for Cable and Internet in the apartment. It was getting rather annoying not having Internet, and it is cheaper to get both than only get one of the services. So I got Digital Cable with HBO, which I think means I get HBO On Demand too, so I can catch up on missing Sopranos episodes. I will also be able to bring my TiVo up here (I couldn’t before because there is no POTS in the house, and since we had no net the TiVo couldn’t “phone home” for program guide data, etc. Now when my parents visit in two weeks they can bring it up with them!

and I met up with Audra (friend from the SNFC) to see Dawn of the Dead last night. It was surprisingly good… I was expecting to be really let down, especially when I heard the movie was “just an action flick”, but I don’t think that was the case.. Sure the zombies were of the modern “running” type introduced (?) by 28 Days Later, but I think the film was pretty true to it’s zombie roots. Even though it took a slightly different approach on the story, I think it was a good retelling of the original.

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      1. It’s not the “real” se, what I have is the divimax one too. The multi disk true se doesn’t come out for another few months.

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