Poker and revisiting “The Family”

was successful in her epic quest to obtain me a Brighton parking permit, so parking around her place will now be much easier. You are supposed to put the permit in the lower left corner of the rear window, but I was reluctant to do so because it would be covering the defroster, and I was afraid that removing the sticker would damage the defroster. But then I found out that the sticker doesn’t expire until February 2007! So it isn’t like I will have to remove the sticker every year. The alternative location for the sticker was the front passenger window, which would have looked retarded, so I just put it in the back.

After work I headed home to have dinner with Corinna, and then headed over to Casa de Poker. Nobody was showing up so Rory and I started watching Sunday’s episode of The Sopranos (which I had yet to see). We got about halfway through the episode (which was great, btw) and people finally started arriving. We played 6 handed most of the night, and for the first time since moving back to Boston I felt good about my poker game. Not great, I still made some dumb errors (getting tangled with Rory in large pots when I was somewhat tilting, trying to raise Abe out of pots when he doesn’t fold anything until at LEAST the turn, etc..), but I was able to catch myself and correct my play mid-game. I ended the night up about $23 bucks, but that was mostly a few lucky hands towards the end (although I played those lucky hands pretty well).. I was even most of the game. After the game Rory and I finished watching The Sopranos and I went home.

I didn’t get to bed until about 1am, and have been waking up for work at about 7am (to arrive at 8am), so I am a little groggy this morning. I stopped at Dunks for a sandwich because I was really hungry. I am chugging my morning Coke for the caffeine fix (I don’t drink coke that much, but I really need the buzz waking up this early, at least until my sleep schedule normalizes a bit).

There you go, my first real update in awhile, at least since starting work.

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