Dot Dot Dot

I was zoning out in Hawkeye on the drive in this morning and missed my exit. I took the next exit, hoping to be able to perform a simple turnaround, but that wasn’t happening. I had to take the next exit off of THAT road, then turn around, then get back on 95. Except when I got back on 95 I was now going WITH the traffic headed towards Boston, which meant it took me about 15 minutes to perform this simple backtrack.

I am waiting for someone from IT to understand that I need to be able to install things like the JDK on my workstation. The Co-ops (from RIT) that started with me yesterday can all install software on their machines, so somehow I think I am getting hosed on this one.

I am going to have to come into work late at some point this week to get a parking permit for Brighton.

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