New-ish Car

While it is true that I was shopping for a Mini, the sudden demise of
Maude changed the game a bit. I bought a 2003 Hyundai Elantra with 10k
miles on it… It is a very nice car, and is obviously less expensive
than the Mini.

I will keep this car for a few years and then get the Mini. It is a
good car, and will be a fantastic replacement for Maude.

3 thoughts on “New-ish Car

  1. I thought the name “Maude” was an excellent choice. What are you going to name your new car, if anything?

    I still think “Jetta Jameson” is the best name for a car, ever.

    1. Jetta Jameson does rule…

      I haven’t picked a name yet, it usually takes a few weeks of driving before I figure it out (although I named my sister ‘s car after one drive (her 2004 Nissan Sentra is now named “Phil”).

  2. Too bad about Maude. However, I think you made a good decision – and probably saved a bundle by not purchasing and over-priced rollerskate. :)

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