Wanna hear something awesome?!?!?!?!? Connecticut fucked me again! My car broke down just past Hartford on the way to Boston today. I called AAA, and about an hour later a State Trooper stopped by, I told him I was waiting for AAA, he called the AAA tow affiliate for the area and they had never been called. The cop fixed this post haste and had a tow truck there in like 15 minutes.

So my car is sitting in Tolland (sound like a NJ town.. :P) at Tolland Citgo, which ever-so-luckily happens to be a U-Haul place. So I left Maude with them to get assessed tomorrow and I rented a one-way U-Haul (with the mega-help from Mom and Dad!) and continued on to Boston. I arrived at around 6:30p or so, and called to help me bring the stuff up to the apartment. I parked the U-Haul on the street, but I had to park it in a residential spot, since there were no spots big enough anywhere else. Hopefully I don’t get a parking ticket, but whatever. I have the U-Haul until 4:30ish, so I decided I am actually going to take it to my physical and drug test tomorrow. I am then going to visit the Mini dealer to see if they will lease me one with no down payment and maxed credit cards. It’s possible that Maude just needs a fuel filter/fuel line/fuel pump, since the engine just cut-out without much event (it wasn’t overheating, it wasn’t low on oil, it kept cranking after it died), but who knows.

I am mostly settled here, Corinna helped by having some Virgil’s Root Beer ready for my arrival. I didn’t really bring much stuff, so it wasn’t hard to settle. :P I went for a walk tonight to deposit something in the bank, and on the way back I almost got splatted by a Benz. I flipped the guy off and looked really angry, as I do so well, but something different from the other 300,000 times I have almost been trucked in Boston happened tonight. The guy rolled down his window, and prepared to get into a screaming match, my posture prepared for war. But the guy just apologized. It was really nice, actually… It made me feel alot better after this really shitty day.

3 thoughts on “Hahahahahahhahahaha

  1. Heh, I’m sorry that CT hates you so much. I love the quiet, New England feel most of the state has.
    Try driving through during the fall.
    And good luck on the new job.

  2. Glad to hear there was one redeeming moment to the day!! Not to mention that you lived to tell about it!! There’s something “amusing” about the visual of starting the end of the job quest process travelling in a U-Haul….I have an idea!!! Leave all the shitty Karma stuffed in back of the truck when you turn it in…ok?? Have a better Tuesday!!

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