Yesterday was a lot of fun, if not completely exhausting. did about as well as he hoped in Yesterday’s competition, finishing about halfway through the pack. He hasn’t competed in a few years, and he didn’t really get much practice in given the weather, so he did really well. And he got better as the day went on too. I got some good video of most of his riding, but it will probably take awhile to get it edited down. Towards the end of the day, the batteries died on my DVcam, so I reverted to taking movies with my digital “still” camera. I can probably get some of those up later today.

Last night, even though I was still exhausted, Chuck and I went over Johnny’s to watch Pirates of the Caribbean, which they hadn’t seen yet. I could barely keep my eyes open, and I crashed pretty hard when I got home at 12:30a. Today I have to pack up for the trip to Boston tomorrow, figuring out what I need to bring with me, etc. I haven’t really packed anything so this will probably consume a good chunk of today. I have to go spelunking downstairs to find my stuff, because due to the kitchen construction a whole melange of other stuff has been stored in front of and above my stuff…

Tonight I am doing dinner with the fam, not sure where we are going but if tradition holds it will probably be my choice. I guess I should give some thought to that.

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