God hates me

CNN (television) is currently running a story on blogs. They are saying the words blog, blogger, and blogosphere over and over again. This is draining my will to live.

5 thoughts on “God hates me

    1. The OED has had draft entries for ‘blog’ for about a year now. Just because everyone is using it doesn’t mean I don’t have to like it. It is a nasty sounding word, like something I’d have removed surgically.

      1. Yeah, I know about the draft entries, I just wanted a cheap jab at M-W. The way you feel about ‘blog’ is the way I feel about ‘funnest,’ except funnest conjures up less images of surgery and more images of NASCAR and having sex with blood relatives.

  1. what the blog is your bloggin’ problem, man, i mean the bloggin’ blogs just blog you up all the bloggin’ time. get off yer bloggin’ ass and turn off the blogging tv or something.

    ever seen the family guy episode where they use “smurf” as a verb for an entire scene of the smurfs tv show????

    1. I’ve never actually seen a smurfing episode of The Family Guy. *ducks*

      Did you ever see the SNL smurf cartoon spoof of the Anna Nicole Smith show with Smurfette all fat and annoying? It was great, I’m sure you can find a copy of it online, it’s smurfing great.

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