5 thoughts on “Holy Shit

      1. Don’t even get me started on Merriam-Webster. They’ll put anything in that piece of shit.


        Funnest is not a word. At least, it isn’t yet. There’s a small bit of debate over these comparatives, and some evolutionary lingustic folk say that they will eventually be fully accepted english. Evenually, yes. But not today, and not in proper written english.


        1. If the use of inflected adjectives is even remotely common then no amount of grammatical snobbery will change the fact that they are now part of the language.

          I think “funner” and “funnest” sounds retarded, but fighting that tide is like trying to fight the “blog” tide.

          And BTW, I don’t consider dictionary.com to be any more reliable of a source than M-W. If you really wanted to shut me up, you should have cited the OED, which corroborates your opinion.

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