Can you say Live Action G.I. Joe Movie? I knew you could.

According to our source, the movie is more-or-less a prequel to the cartoon G.I. JOE series. Set before the rise of the COBRA organization, the film will show how the man the world will one day call Cobra Commander created his terrorist organization and honed it into a worldwide threat. Other COBRA characters, such as Destro and Stormshadow, are being planned to be included in the film. While Cobra Commander doesn’t wear the costume he is best-known for during the bulk of the film (the blue COBRA garb complete with hood), by the conclusion of the film he will be decked out in it.

One thought on “Rad

  1. I just wanna know one thing:

    Who’s playing the Baroness? I’ve had a boner for her as long as I can remember and the casting for her role will determine my casual indifference/extreme fucking interest in seeing this movie.

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