OK, I’m not exactly Mr. Sysadmin, but I am having trouble mounting shares from my linux fileserver to my Mac via NFS. I have the following /etc/exports on my Linux box:


(FYI: nobody:nobody == 65534:65534)

All the files in /mp3 and /space are owned by nobody. When I choose connect to server from the Finder, and enter nfs://morimoto/space the volume mounts, I can read from it fine, but when I try to copy anything to it I get a dialog box that reads: “The item “foobar” could not be moved because “space” cannot be modified”. This dialog has the buttons “Authenticate” and “OK”. Pressing OK cancels the operation, and pressing Authenticate brings up the copy dialog which shows a status bar but reads “The operation cannot be completed because you do not have sufficient privleges for some of the items”.

Can someone with a clue give me some help?

Update: I have just discovered that I can create/copy files to the mount from the command line under OSX, I just can’t do it via the GUI.

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    1. Nothing of too much interest, afaict…

      Jan 22 15:21:02 morimoto rpc.mountd: authenticated mount request from for /mp3 (/mp3)
      Jan 22 15:21:03 morimoto rpc.mountd: authenticated mount request from for /space (/space)

      That shows up on the linux box when I mount the shares, but nothing shows up when I try to copy a file to them

  1. Perhaps a dumb question… but what are the permissions on /space?

    If nobody doesn’t have write permission, you can’t add or delete files from /space.

    1. The files are all owned by nobody, and are 644 (755 for the directories).

      As I mentioned in the update, which you may not have seen, I can create/write files from the command line on the mac, just not via the GUI, so it is some funky mojo.

      1. Yeah, that wasn’t there when I replied.

        My next thought would be if the GUI tries to create files to make viewing quicker. Like thumbnails for pictures (I realize these are MP3s, but you get the idea).

        Still though, why wouldn’t it work? Unless maybe the GUI assumes it has root-type access and tries to create a file and then chown it or something…

        1. This is belated but I just read the post. Could it be that OSX is trying to create those funky DF files? According to what I read in Mac Addict those files are used to keep track of strange things like file icon arrangements etc… you know how you can open a mac file/folder/window and all the icons are neatly laid out.

          Just a thought, I’m an uber-n00b w/ OSX.

  2. I mount a large (mp3) tree from a Solaris system onto my OS X laptop all the time; no troubles reading or writing or playing in the Finder.

    The main difference, as far as I can see, is that you use the Finder to trigger the mount (by opening “nfs://blahblah…”) whereas I run the mount command manually.

    sudo mount HOST:/local/shelves /private/shelves

    Could it be that Finder is mounting it with some other options that are getting in your way?

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