That guy who hangs out in the copy store

It seems that lately I am the guy who hangs out in the neighborhood copy story, as I have been conscripted by the family as the mailroom clerk. Ok, conscripted is a very, very large exaggeration, considering I volunteered for the work, but it doesn’t change the fact that I have spent more time in the past week with the chick who runs the copy shop than I have with my girlfriend. And trust me, if you saw the chick who ran the copy shop, you’d feel bad for me.

Fortunately, the arrival of the lovely and talented Corinna is drawing near, so this situation shall be rectified quickly. At some point tonight I get to head down to the not-so-lovely and not-so-talented (?) Hoboken to pick up her-hotness.

I woke up this morning sometime between 8 and 8:30am needing to pee, and while I was up I noticed that the hot water pipe to the kitchen sink was frozen. It was frozen last night, but I wasn’t about to go trying to track down a hair dryer at 2am when everyone else was asleep. It was still frozen when I woke up, so I got bundled up, went downstairs to the spot where it always freezes, and after quite awhile of heating finally got the faucet dripping. Once you get it dripping it eventually thaws itself, which it did, and I have left it slightly dripping all day to prevent it from re-freezing. The real problem is that all of the water pipes are located in the un-insulated overhang, which to me seems like a completely ridiculous construction choice. As part of the renovations, all these pipes are being moved into the house, and are being insulated. In addition, the overhang itself is being insulated so we don’t waste as much heat.

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