I went to the grocery store a little while ago because when I went to make Waffles for breakfast this morning I noticed we were out of butter. So I went out, got the butter and some soda for the household, and when I got back, I opened the fridge to put the butter away and saw a pound box of butter staring back at me, dead center in the fridge. I guess I am losing my mind or something, because I scoured the fridge earlier today and didn’t see shit.

The main bathroom is making steady progress, seemingly more steady than the previous bathroom. The contractor we have doing the bathroom has dialysis every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, so he can only work half days those times. But he did all of the plumbing work for this bathroom while doing the plumbing for the previous one, so he got quite a bit of the annoying work out of the way. Hopefully in another 2 weeks we will have at least a toilet we can use in the main bathroom. It really sucks sneaking through my parents’ room ninja-style at 2am so I can use their bathroom.

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