This weekend my father and I were in the backyard thawing a pipe when we decided to take a closer look at the crater.. The ground was frozen solid, so I felt a bit more comfortable getting in there a bit closer. Later that day, came over to do some backyard spelunking with me. I shot a bit of super-shakycam video.

As for our analysis: There is man-made structure deep down in the cavities of the collapse, so it is pretty clear that this crater wasn’t a “natural” event. As you can sort of see in the video, there are several vertical “walls” which outlined some kind of chamber. What kind of chamber, exactly, however was indeterminate. We tried moving some rocks and dirt to get a better look, but the ground was frozen solid. Perhaps after the thaw we will revisit the crater and see if we can discern any more information about it.

The video is available at sean-graham.com as well as CSH, so choose whichever is faster for you. If you don’t have Quicktime installed, I recommend VideoLAN Client.

Update: I also added an image to the gallery of the wood down in one of the cavities. It was a very thin wood, and you can see some veneer peeling off. My guess is that it was some kind of panelling, or some very thin plywood.

8 thoughts on “Spelunking

  1. I’m thinking bomb shelter for sure. RULES! I’d go down in there in a heart beat.

    Also, the heavy breathing in that video gives it an awesome feeling of danger. I was expecting additional collapse at any moment.

    1. Don’t let the heavy breathing fool you, the ground was pretty damn solid. :P If we were able to remove some more rocks/dirt then the danger level probably would have been escalated.

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