Blue Coyote

I did a bunch of chores around the house today, like bringing down the outside christmas decorations, which included getting up on the roof to take down the light-up bear. The bear has been up on the roof year-round for like 3 years or so (only lit-up during xmas, tho), which drove me crazy, cuz that’s pretty ghetto. But this year the bulb finally burned out, so I had an excuse to go up and take it
down for the year. Next year I will put it up with a new bulb.

called me early tonight to see if I wanted to go to the Blue Coyote with him, Johnny, and Calmie later on. I told him to call me when plans were a bit more firm, and when he did call I was on the phone with . I told him to give me a little while to finish up that conversation, which he did. The Blue Coyote sucked ass. First of all, it was Karoake night, which is god-awful. They had this salsa that tasted like marinara sauce, and they had SEASONED FRIES! A complete abomination, and I don’t think I will be going back, but definitely not on karaoke night. We didn’t stay long and retreated to Johnny’s to hang out and eat ice cream.

I am sitting down with a nice cup of Earl Grey, which is probably not the best nighttime drink, but it is so GOD-DAMNED COLD outside that I need a warm-up drink.

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