continued to feel shitty most of my time here in Boston, but the worst was over after New Year’s. We basically sat around the apartment, watching movies, snacking, etc. Yesterday was the first time we “really” got out of the apartment, doing some shopping… I got a new supply of socks, and called in some reinforcements for the underwear supply a bit. Corinna thought it was odd that I bought 18 pair of socks, until I explained to her the “Graham” method of sock management.

Passed down, from generation to generation, between Graham family men, is the Graham Method for Sock Replacement: When some socks in your supply start displaying wear, throw out ALL of your socks and replace your entire supply. This way, you never have to worry about mis-matched socks, and you minimize the “uneven wear” problem.

I was going to go home today, but I kinda feel jipped after Corinna’s sickness, so I am going to head out to see Big Fish with the SNFC tonight. This means that I will be leaving for NJ tomorrow morning instead of this evening.

3 thoughts on “convalescence

    1. has something ridiculous like 120 pairs of socks, all of them different. She even has a “singles bar” drawer for all the socks with no partners.

      I, on the other hand, have just enough to last me a bit over two weeks. :)

  1. I might have to implement that sock management system. However this will exclude my running sock collection because those are perma-stained from being hammered into mud and washed a bazillion times. They’re just too expensive to toss out for the sake of uniformity.

    Was Big Fish good?

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