I hope my motto for this year is incorrect

In a moment of quasi-sarcasm last night I blurted out my motto for

2004 is gonna suck.

My jaded cynic self aside, I really hope I am wrong… Getting a job
would certainly help this year get off to the right start.

I have mixed feelings about last night. ended up
staying behind because she was still sick as hell. She apparently slept the
entire time I was gone. So that sucks. And eric’s party was fun, but lots
of his e2 friends were there. Of
the ones I have met (at various parties, etc.), a handful are cool, and the
rest are e2 snobs. I was blown off by 3 different people once they finished
asking me if I was a “noder” or was from e3. I may be a gigantic nerd, and
I may be a bit anti-social, but I can have conversations with people outside
my social circle without resorting to geek-elitism. So I was kind of
irritated by that, but there were enough cool people I didn’t know there
that I was able to cope.

After 2am, I was getting ready to go, and and
were in no shape to drive, so I offered to give them
a lift. Adam remembered that a group of friends were hanging at the Eliot
Hotel down in Kenmore, and asked that I drop them off there instead of their
house, which was no problem to me. I decided to go to the hotel because I
hadn’t seen Todd in awhile. We ended up hanging out there until 5am, just
bullshitting and stuff, and then I drove the boys back to Cambridge, and
returned myself to Brighton. Parking sucked as always, and I managed to
squeeze Maude into an unbelievably small spot after searching for 30 minutes.

is feeling better today but is still pretty rough
around the edges,and is in bed sleeping/resting. I still don’t feel sick,
so perhaps I have done a good job of quarantining.

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