Once more with feeling

Ok, I took a bit of a nap and an in a much better state of mind to actually talk a bit more about today.

As I said, I was there from 11:30am until 5pm, straight interviews with 6 different people. I had kind of expected there to be a lunchbreak in there somewhere, but that wasn’t the case. No big deal, though, I stocked up on cereal before I left. I was hungry as hell by the end but not dying or anything.

All the people I met with were really cool. I seemed to do really well, answering all the questions presented to me with what I think were good answers. I didn’t seem to put any of the interviewers off, although I’m sure I was a little less vivid with the last person given the length of time I was at it.

Man, it would totally rock out to get this job. I’d get to work on some great software, some seemingly way-cool people, and also make my triumphant return to the Boston area. I’d get to have a friendly rivalry with and Chris Mason, and hopefully make the world a better place through Open Source Software. I know it sounds corny and idealistic, but I think it could be true.

I don’t want to say anything cocky like I knocked it out of the park, but I am pretty comfortable saying it went pretty well.

5 thoughts on “Once more with feeling

  1. Sounds like good news, 6 interviews?! That’s really intense! Working for an open source company would be a great way of life. It makes me feel like I work for the “Dark Side” since my employer’s main focus is developing for closed national security type stuff. Polar opposites if you will.

    I’ll be holding my breath (with occasional breaks for ‘Nog) through the holidays.

    1. Working for an Open Source company rules.

      Honestly, it’s doing stuff you’re interested in and then getting a decent paycheck for your trouble. Your work has your name attached, so it’s not like being some anonymous worker drone at a big software house. “Street Cred” goes a long way. :) If you find your niche, I don’t think there’s that much different in pay, either. The only “secret” stuff are things like release schedules, future visions, and the usual don’t-tell-anyone-yet type of stuff.

      I collaborate with people all over the ‘net and even people working for competitors, and it’s totally cool since everyone gets to share in the results.

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