I am bored as hell today…..

Last night, after I got my good news, I needed to figure out the logistics of dealing with this Thursday interview. See, my suit is in NJ, and I needed to figure out how to get me, who is in Boston, into it. I originally thought about driving back to NJ today, grabbing the suit, and then turning around and driving back to Boston. It would be a lot of driving, but it would give me time to think as well as listen to an audiobook.

I presented this plan to my girlfriend and my family, and they conspired to convince me that this was a dumb idea. I am still not convinced, but I finally relented. So in a half hour I am going to pick up from work and head to the mall to buy a new suit, et. al. See, I still think that while it may be silly to drive back and forth 500mi to get my suit from New Jersey, I also think it is silly to spend the money on a new suit, shirt, tie, shoes, and socks (especially when I only use this apparel for job interviews). That said, if Murphy’s law wanted to bite me in the ass, and after taking this interview, I end up being offered a job (negating any future use of the suit), I’m willing to swallow the cost of the suit.

For the third time out of like 20, I ended up down at last night’s poker game. My wallet was $15 lighter when I left last night. Not many people showed up, I guess the impending holidays have busied people’s schedules and whatnot. It kinda sucks, because my strong games are full ring games of 8-10 people and heads up (or 3 seated). We only had 5 people, and I demonstrated how weak I am at short handed play. But really I just got unlucky, and every time I had a hand, nobody else had anything worth calling me with. Perhaps there was a better way to play that would have increased my EV, but I don’t know what it is yet. I am going to have to start reading some books.

So anyway, I am going to be hanging out here in Boston until Friday morning.

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      1. Re: um

        The phone interview was yesterday at 4pm, and lasted about 30 minutes. At the end of that call, we had scheduled an in-person interview.

        So even if my parents had gotten my suit down to Fedex last night, it would have gotten here some time today, and I would have to get it drycleaned/pressed since it was folded during shipping. So there wouldn’t be enough time to have everything together before my interview tomorrow.

    1. Re: um

      Indeed, but Mens’ suits have tags on the outside of the sleeves, and I don’t think showing up with a tagged sleeve would be the best impression to make. :)

      What sucks about buying a suit for an interview like this is that you can be certain that you’ll be the only one in the room wearing one.

      1. Re: um

        Totally. When I know I’m going to be interviewing a candidate, I try to remember to dress up a bit more to make them feel a bit more at ease. Still, candidates always stick out as they’re toured around the office.

        Good luck, Sean!

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