Thanks, guys

This posting is brought to you courtesy of who lent me his laptop overnight, and some person in this building or a neighboring building who (intentionally or otherwise) left their access point wide open. It’s only one night, so I hope they don’t mind.

The plumber eventually cancelled today, which sucked, and made my day only so much more boring. Eventually came home and we grabbed some dinner and I made her watch A Christmas Story, which she seemed to enjoy. Then we went over Adam and Rory’s so I could do some research for my interview tomorrow. Obviously, if I don’t know something about a technology I am not going to learn it in one night, but there is some info I should know about the company itself. I think I am pretty well-qualified for this position, and hope to convey that over the phone tomorrow.

Some douchebag gave me a parking ticket saying I was parked in a “No Parking” zone, which was total bullshit and I have pictures to prove it. I am totally contesting this one, and I won’t settle for any fine at all.

We left around 9:30-10pm-ish, and when we got back to Brighton it took like 30-45 minutes to find a parking space, and the one I found was “Permit Only”, so hopefully I won’t get another ticket before I get to move it tomorrow.

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