eBay Update

My copy of Zelda sold this morning too! Unfortunately for the buyer the snow prevented me from getting it out in the mail today, so I will have to get it out on Monday. I guess there isn’t much I can do about that, eh? :)

9 thoughts on “eBay Update

    1. Re: Mister HOUSE

      Thanks, that’s pretty rad.

      Yeah, I had a hand in writing alot of the software that is used in the current drink incarnation. People are still improving it, which tells me I did my job right (because the code was maintainable enough to do so. :P)

  1. good eats

    Hey, you mentioned having an archive of Good Eats episodes before. Could I get some Good Eats DVDs from you as a Christmas present for a friend of mine? I would kick in money for the blank DVDs and your time of course.

    1. Re: good eats

      My archive is DiVx, so if I burned DVD-Video discs the quality would be pretty noticable. I usually just burn DVD-R discs. If that isn’t acceptable, Food Network sells 3 or 4 dvd sets that you could order.

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