Master Bathroom Completed!

The first phase of our renovations, the Master Bathroom, was finished today. If you don’t know/remember what it looked like before, a quick comparing both sets of pictures should make it pretty evident why the renovations were necessary. (I only took pictures of what they finished today. Go back a few days in the gallery to see the ceiling, shower, etc.

6 thoughts on “Master Bathroom Completed!

  1. Wow! That is a really awesome transformation. You must have hired decent contractors. The basement has been under ‘construction’ since late July. Someone shows up for maybe a few hours every few weeks, moss grows faster.

    1. The contractor is a friend of the family, husband of one of my mom’s coworkers. He is an outstanding guy, and unlike most contractors these days, he does everything himself, from demo thru painting and laying tile. The only thing he isn’t doing himself is the kitchen counter which requires some special certification in order for the warranty to be valid. He apparently tried to go for the training for the brand of counter we want (and that he recommended to us), but he had some “communication difficulties” with the person on the other end of the phone so he hasn’t been able to be trained in it yet.

    1. Hehehehe…. The “over toilet cabinet” we bought, which kind of straddles the toilet bowl, is too deep. This means that you can’t sit back comfortably on the toilet, nor can you lift the seat all the way.

      So we are going to remove the legs from the cabinet and mount it to the wall tomorrow.

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